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Silent Donor International

Our mission is to simplify private, global philanthropy for all donors. Silent Donor International allows for people and companies to easily send anonymous donations to the organizations they are passionate about across the world, while enjoying the full protection of their privacy.

Based in The Hague, Silent Donor International is a global philanthropic foundation of Silent Donor, the largest anonymous donation platform on the internet (headquartered in Chicago, USA).

Send an anonymous, private donation to support any charitable or nonprofit cause!

Serving Donors Worldwide

Committed to allowing all donors to send safe, private donations to affect positive change throughout the world.

Partnering with Organizations

Allow your donors to send an anonymous donation to support your cause through our platform. We partner with all charitable organizations for FREE!

Due Diligence Processes

Our staff is committed to conducting strict diligence around all institutions that donors choose to ensure they are all lawful, reputable organizations.

Our Private Donation Process

All the donations we receive will first go to our Silent Donor International Foundation (officially registered as Stichting SD International in The Hague). Then, our foundation will send the donation to the organization you choose without including ANY of your personal information. The donation will appear to come directly from our Foundation. We are firmly committed to protecting the privacy of all donors.

Privacy Is Paramount

There are many reasons why donors might want to remain private including:

  • – To avoid future solicitations and/or receiving annoying junk (e)mail from charities
  • – Adhering to religious practices
  • – Uncomfortable with public and/or media attention
  • – Living in an area prone to political/economic unrest or uncertainty
  • – Fear of public backlash or reprisal
  • – To simply live a more private life
  • …and many more!

Places Around the World You Can Donate

  • – Any Charity or Nonprofit cause!
  • – Foundations
  • – Education Institutions (Schools, Colleges, Universities)
  • – Religious Organizations (Churches, Synagogues, Temples, Mosques)
  • – Disaster Relief Efforts
  • – Hospitals/Medical Facilities
  • – Social Justice Movements
  • and more!