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About US

Our Story

The Start

Beginning in 2020, we set out to build the largest anonymous donation platform in the United States, called Silent Donor. We quickly realized that many donors across the world were also interested in sending philanthropic gifts anonymously. There is an undeniable global movement towards the protection of people’s privacy online, and this has extended into people’s charitable giving practices as well. We started this international foundation as our first step outside of the US to serve global donors of all countries, as we believe that sending safe, private donations is a human right that all donors should enjoy. This privacy can also help protect many donors who live in areas of the world experiencing political/economic unrest or strife as they donate to causes that might cause them to be unfairly targeted by those in positions of power, as we have unfortunately seen happen many times.






Philanthropic possibilities

Anonymous Giving

Anonymous giving provides the opportunity for privacy-minded donors to support philanthropic endeavors that have the capacity to affect positive change in lives across the world. It gives permission to donors to donate freely to the causes they admire most with a level of privacy they are comfortable with.